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Hi, I'm an artist. I like using my Wacom Intuos with Clip Studio Paint or occasionally Paint Tool Sai.
I like of course drawing, making up lore, reading fanfics, playing Street Fighter III: Third Strike, listening to music, maladaptive daydreaming, Darkstalkers, and horror stuff.


So basically, a huge update. Rest in peace my old shitty html coding lol. I'm using a template right now cause I'm kinda tired of constantly seeing my code getting all screwed up and stuff so yeah here I am baby. 2023 woohoo!!! Not only that but also my desire to finally start y'know being online and expanding my online ~presence~.

I kinda wish I was more talented at coding cause' I see all these people out here with amazing and very pretty web designs while I am here with my spaghetti code so I kinda gave up on my ambitions maybe I'll finally like commission a web designer to make a website for me but I don't know when that will ever happen..


  • Get better at fundies (anatomy, perspective, lighting, and etc.)
  • Start posting my art on my socials.
  • Develop my characters, stories, and lore
  • Start paid commissions sometime in the future

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