Terms Of Service


Gore/Body horror
Simple backgrounds


NSFW/Fetish content
Art style imitation
Any form of hate speech
Vague or overly-complicated designs


Clients may not call my work as their own work
I only accept USD on Ko-fi
I have the right to refuse/cancel your commission with no explantion for why
Clients are ONLY allowed to use my art for non-commercial/personal/private uses ex. profile pics
All commissions will be in PNG format and are ONLY DIGITAL (no shipping of physical goods)
Commissioner is not allowed to trace, edit, copy, or remove the watermark after recieving commission
Clients have the right to request changes for what you want during the sketch process (ex. pose changes, expression changes, ect.)
Please understand that I have other clients I work for at the time. Hence, I ask for you to refrain from pestering me about the status of your commission every five minutes.
I work best with a visual reference in hand so I recommend sending high quality photo references of what you want (ex. poses, designs, facial expression, and etc.)


1) You will be able to cancel the commission before the inking process
2) You will not be able to get a refund after I've inked and colored the sketch

Commission Process

You DM me on Twitter for commission request
We will discuss about your commission and what character(s) I will draw
You will wait for the sketch, while I'm sketching out your request
I'll send a picture of the sketch before you pay
I'll ask if you want to change or add stuff to the sketch
After agreeing what you want, I'll send the invoice
I'll work on inking and coloring of the commission (Takes a couple days, be patient please)
After finishing your commission, I'll send a HD PNG file of your commission to you in DMs
Then I'll post the commission on my socials unless not specified
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